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Import vector files with Adobe Illustrator to Tajima

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I normally have to back save an Adobe Illustrator file to version 8 in order for it to open in pulse with the import artwork feature.
I recently upgraded my AI program only to find that it's still not compatible with the program and wont open.
Am I correct here the only way to open vector files in pulse from AI is to still back save them in version 8 Adobe Illustrator?
Any help would be much appreciated. Feeling frustrated :(

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Sorry, this is not latest, newest 5388. Also please try save your AI file in version 6 and 7 and check< may be this problem have only with this version.

Second tips. Please check you vector file not include bitmap image or svg?  Delete or change option for fill have shadow or blend, transparent - these options Tajima not understand.

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I have v/14 and if you click on help then click artwork tools keep going down click importing vector files then last click vector formats supported and it is written in black and white.

I will have to believe what is written until an expert says different.

I guess pulse are better friends with Corel rather than adobe.

This has not changed in many years and i`v had Tajima pulse software about 15 years.

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When you have the workspace open click on help then click contents keep clicking using artwork tools then click importing vector files and last click vector formats supported there it is written in black and white.
Not sure why but this has not changed in many years, i`v been a pulse user for about 15 years.
I think it would have been a good idea to use the file directly.
I wrote a reply a few minutes ago but not sure what happened so sorry if double posted.
I guess Corel and pulse are better friends.

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I am trying to convert an image to embroidery. I would like to use the import artwork and have converted my jpeg in Adobe Illustrator to a vector image, however, when doing so I either have too many colors or not enough. I need help learning how to add another color to my options. Help?

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