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The Condensed format is an outline based format originally created by Melco quite some time ago.  This format has been a popular format for many digitizing programs because it allows you to change the size and density of your design files.  One of the major problems with this format is that many software and machine manufacturers, make slight modifications to the original format causing compatibility issues between systems.  This document outlines the commands that Tajima DG/ML by Pulse supports when reading the Melco Condensed format as well as providing some information on how settings in the software can effect Melco Condensed designs.

Due to the fact that there is no one standard for Melco Condensed, we recommend receiving your designs in PXF or POF outline file format.  This format can be created by digitizers using DG/ML by Pulse or Pulse Signature as well as many popular stock design companies.  This will allow you to change the size and density of designs without the complications caused by the compatibility issues of Melco Condensed.  Contact your distributor for information on how you obtain designs in Pulse Outline formats.

Creating Melco Condensed Designs for Pulse Signature/DG/ML by Pulse Customers

Here is some information to keep in mind if you are a digitizer creating Melco Condensed designs for Tajima DG/ML by Pulse customers.

Tajima DG/ML by Pulse supports Melco Condensed punching commands that are supported by the Melco Superstar embroidery machine.  In addition to these commands, we also support turning fills, which is not supported by the Superstar.  Superstar commands and turning fills are the only command sets which we officially support.  We do try however, to support newer Melco punching commands when possible.  Some known Melco commands that we do not support at this time include:  Mk4's and Complex Fills

When a design is digitized using a Melco digitizing system, trims are usually entered as a series of needle up commands.  Recently, Melco has added a Trim command to activate the trimmers on their machines.  Signature currently interprets these commands as color changes.  Digitizers outputting designs in Melco Condensed should digitize trims as Needle Up commands for Pulse Signature Customers.   

Problems with Stitches Missing in Fills

If you are having problems with missing stitches from fills in Tajima DG/ML by Pulse,  Select Configuration- User Settings from the Tools menu.  Next, click on the tab labeled Melco Condensed.  The following dialog appears:

For Tajima Pulse - options.


The Fill angle setting can vary depending on how the design was digitized.  Try choosing the other Fill angle setting and then re-read the Melco Condensed design.

Density/Stitch Count Problems

If a design does not have the proper density or stitch count you can adjust the density under Configuration-User Settings from the Tools menu.  Click on the tab labeled Melco Condensed. The dialog box illustrated above appears.  Because Melco calculates density differently, we have included this separate setting for Melco density.  Changing the default density here allows you to adjust the density for Melco designs. 

Note:  Remember to read in the design again after changing this setting.

If you are experiencing problems reading Melco Condensed designs and have tried the suggested settings above, do not hesitate to contact Pulse Software support.  Our email address is [email protected]

When contacting Pulse concerning a Melco Condensed design, please have the following information available:

The name of the design
A detailed description of the problem (Give stitch counts, densities and the area where there is a problem)
Where did the design come from?  (The name of the stock design company of puncher).
The name of the computer software where the design was created.
The  version of Signature that you are using.
When possible, please send us the Condensed (CND) and Expanded (EXP or DST)  version of the design that you are having problems with.

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