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I have PE design 8 with the 8.3 upgrade and I run it on Windows 10.  I also use embird with iconizer.  This should show my embroidery files as picture thumbnails in PE design but it doesn't.   I have tried everything but I can't fix it.  Can anyone help?  I'll put what I've already done below.   I bought a new computer (which meant having to move the programmes in the first place) so they are installed on a brand new environment.   I was installing a PE design 8 upgrade but after speaking to Brother and explaining my problem they thought the upgrade might be causing it so the sent me a PE design 8 full copy so that's what's now installed.  My embird was 2018 so I updated that to 2020 too.  I also had a number of emails with Dusan Balara from Embird and followed his instructions but to no avail.  If I look at my designs in Windows they all have picture thumbnails but they disappear in PE design.  Very annoying.  Any help very welcome.

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If you want design files to be displayed as small images, you need to do the following In the top menu, select - Options- Iconizer Setting ..
in the appeared form you need to set points: Enable Icons and Enable Thumbnails. If this does not solve your question, you need to disable this option in BROTHER PE DESIGN. This is what causes the conflict between the two programs.

Iconizer setting for Embird embroidery software

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