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Problem with needle staying down before color change

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Hi there,

Sorry if I´m not clear enough, I´m from Mexico and I have a brother BAS-423. So far this machine has worked wonders for me but lately I´ve come across a problem I can´t get around. Let me explain:

The machine is working just fine, it finishes embroidering a color, cuts the thread and, when it´s supposed to bring the needle all the way up in order to make a color change, ONE of the three heads consistently leaves the working needle just in the middle between the garment and the upper position. The needle actually stays IN the presser foot when it should be in the upper position. So when the machines carries on to make the color change, the needle hits the presser foot and the machine stops the process. This happens with all of the needles of that same head.

I figured the problem was the jump solenoid so I´ve managed to dismantle the head and extract it, but before buying a new one (they´re really expensive around here) I´d like to be sure a replacement is definitively needed. I´d like to stress that other than that, the machine works just fine, so I´m very doubtful whether the solenoid is actually the problem.

Thanks to all of you in advance,


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