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I'm working on a design that's about 4 in wide. The smallest text is about .25 inches tail. When I try to create this small text, it comes out all messed up. No matter what type of font I use or if I create the stitches myself. Can anyone give me advice on how to obtain a decent quality stitch for small text?

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I see what you are suggesting. The problem is, this is for a customer who is requesting a specific font. There are no preset small fonts that fulfill this request. Isn't there a way to create your own stitch and manage how long it is or something? I just got thrown in to this, by the way, so my knowledge is extremely limited.

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I found this in my archive. It may be of help. Remember when doing satin columns under 1 mm  you have to use a smaller needle and thread. When digitizing for 60 use -.2 in the density box.


I don't think enough discussion is made on the use of 60 thread and 65/9 needles. I have been promoting the use of these for over 5 years now and although I don't have everyone of my customers convinced sometimes examples are necessary. Its my opinion that 60 thread is the only answer to fine detail and small lettering. I have posted a design on my site ''Bowl Nation''



This embroidery design was done for a customer in IL. All the fine detail is done in 60 thread. Some of the columns are only .7 mm wide making it necessary for a small hole and thin thread. If ever there was a reason this is one. This design is only 3.5'' wide and 25,000 stitches. There are 35 color changes. Too many you ask? Well with tiny outlines around the fills its a must to do one letter at a time to keep things in registration. How many of you get those cheep stock designs or digitizing that have one color sew a fill over the whole width of a design then the design sews another color to do the detail only to have the detail not line up. Have a good week

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What font and text are you trying to create?  Can you see the problem on the screen?  If so, perhaps you can attach a screen shot to the post.  Are you trying to use fill box to fit the text into the 4" X .25" space?  What happens if you create straight text at .25" without making any adjustments to the width?  Does it look like stitches are missing?  If so, try selecting File-Design Properties and click the Edit button next to the machine format, next click the check box next to Ignore Minimum Stitch Length.


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