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How do I keep a backdrop image visible when I zoom in?

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Depending on what size the image is and the quality of it , some files will distort when zooming in.


Make sure your digitizing the image at the size required.,

Try deleting the image, and loading it again it could be a corrupt file.

Make sure you have all the updates available to your program

Please send the PXF file with the embedded image  I will take a look at it and see if I can provide further assistance.

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not distortion, not corruption, fully updated to latest main release. The image just disappears after a certain zoom point. It looks like I can repeat with any image.

The zoom point at which it disappears appears to be related to the size of the image used. The zoom point can be varied by resizing the background image, or loading a different sized image. Smaller background image size allows higher magnification before disappearing.

When I hit this problem and started this thread I had been lazy and scanned a whole A4 page before working on digitizing the letterhead logo. Cropping the jpeg down to just the logo portion before loading as a background image allows pulse to zoom in a LOT further before it disappears. So a workaround has been found for doing that particular job, but still leaves a problem for large images used as a background.

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I have seen this happen if you zoom in a lot (thousands of times magnified, the magnification should be displayed at the bottom of the screen).  I can ask the developers to limit the amount of zooming.  Do you have an image that is particularly bad?  Does this happen for you when the magnification level is not very high?


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