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After upgrading to Tajima Maestro in V.12 and doing the latest updates I am still having trouble with the way some thread colors are represented. We us the RA palette and the darker colors like Mahogany continue to be displayed in existing designs and new  stitching as the default color, a light pink called Pink Cascade. We have tried to edit the thread chart and reinstall the database. No go. Still pink. We have custom colored the miscreant colors and tried to immediately use the new coloration. We saved the thread chart and rebooted. Nothing works. So what gives Pulse? What is the answer? I show my designs to my customers on the screen and they can't imagine that the pink will go away and the design will look fine. I need some help.

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I have attached all of my thread chart files.  You will need to unzip these files to your thread database folder.  You can get to the Thread Database folder by selecting Start-Programs-Tajima-DGML by Pulse 12-Support-Application Data Folder.  Once inside the Application Data Folder you should see a folder named ThreadDB.  Make a backup copy of all of the files in this folder and then unzip the files I have attached replacing the existing files.  Let me know how you make out with this.  If you have questions, I can have someone in support walk you through this.

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