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I have had some instances where the contour lines peek out as running stitches around an inside curve.  I have a design with a digitized D and O and I can't keep the contour lines where they belong all of the time.  I am embroidering on caps.  The inset for the contour lines is set at .02mm.  The outside inset is fine.  How do I move the inside curve inset?   I would appreciate any tips.

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If you are adding contour underlay, click the Advanced button.  You should see a setting called Inset B.  This will allow you to change the inset of the other side of the satin column.  You might also want to try changing the Drop Run Stitch setting to Chord Gap and set the Max Chord Gap distance to .2 mm.  Chord Gap will add additional stitches to better follow curves.  The smaller the Max Chord Gap distance, the closer the curve will be followed. If this does not help, you can also try reducing the contour underlay stitch length.

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Yes, you can do the same for keyboard lettering.  This can happen if you are creating particularly small lettering.  Also check to see if there are suggestions in the font help for the particular font you are using.  You can get to the font help from the Help menu in Tajima DG/ML.  Remember to keep in mind the minimum and maximum sizes.  Let me know how this works out for you.

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