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 I am new to editing with this software. In the past I have sent everything to our outside digitizer for edits. I would like to learn how to edit small stuff so that I don't have to wait and also to save a little money. One question I have is about reversing the direction of the the stitches. Is there an easy way to do it? Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi, Depending on the file format that your working with will vary how you can edit the design. PXF file allows you the most control , you can easily change angles of stitches, edit patterns change fonts etc.most of other file types it can be a bit more difficult to edit and you may need to repunch one or more portions of the design this will also depend on your level in your digitizing software. 

You can contact me directly  I work in the support department, you can send the file for me to look at with your contact information and your device number and we can go from there.

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I do now like that the program TAJIMA 2010 is ether on line or trying to go on line every 10 to 25 min,

I leaf that this could be come an identity problem. I have had a haker make it to my computer and try to down load info. I now leave the net work disconnected all of the time when working with TAJIMA DG/ML 2010 BUT THEN it try to go on line every 10 to 25 min, then slowed down the program.  WHY CAN I NOT CHANGE IT SO THAT I CAN TURN OFF LIKE 2009???????

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