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Question about digitizing a large fill stitch area

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I am digitizing a college sport logo that includes a cowboy on horseback with a giant M in the middle of it.  The cowboy and horse have no detail, it's just a filled in outline, one color.  Should I put some type of border around the fill stitch area?  It would have to be small (thin) so it's not really detectable so it would match their picture.  I just think that a fill stitch would look better with a little border but I'm not sure what is the norm.  What do you guys normally do with your fill stitch areas?


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There are variables that dictate the use or non use of a border. It would depend on stitch direction, fabric, destiny, stitch length, size of the fill area, width of the satin stitch, and your preparation. To say this is the way its done isn't really a good idea. In 20 years I have done it both ways and experience tells me how the design will react to what its being applied to and my ability to know the differences.


Sorry no quick fix :o(

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