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All of a sudden my right click on my mouse isn't working.  I don't *think* I've changed anything.  It used to pull up a short cut menu for things like transform, etc...and now it just sort of "blinks" at me.  I thought I set up the mouse stuff under Tools/Configuration/User Settings, but I can't seem to find it.  Did I imagine that?  Did something change in the software?  Could it be the right button on my mouse went bad?  I've tried a bunch of stuff trying to diagnose the problem but I'm not finding anything.  HELP!  I miss my right click!

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Then click on Stitch Generation and uncheck the setting Generate Stitches on Right Click
AHA! That was the trick. I honestly don't remember clicking that box, but I was in that menu the other day looking at something else so it's possible I clicked it without realizing it. But my right button is back to working correctly and I'm a happy camper. Well, sorta. LOL Tricky bit of design work here. 


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