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I format my disks directly through my Pulse software. I???m using Version 12.1 on a PC that uses Vista.
For double density disks:
Click on File; then Format disk from the drop down menu.
It will tell you to insert disk. Put your disk in & click on OK.
You???ll get a pop-up that says it???s in A drive & it???s going to be a Tajima disk. Click on OK.
It will ask if you really want to format the disk. Click on Yes.
The next pop-up will ask if you want to format at 720KB 3.5in Disk. Click on OK.
You???ll see the tracks formatting.
After it???s finished, it will say Disk formatted successfully.
Since DD disks are hard to find, I also use HD disks & just put tape over the hole and format as above.
Hope that helps.

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Is anyone else having trouble downloading a sew out to a floppy disk? The only way I can get it to work is if I use a new disk.  Then it may or may not read in the machine.  I have windows 7 and Wilcom 2006.


Yes, we have been having problems with that also. We also have had issues when we update a design and want to overwrite the one that's on the disk but it won't. We have been throwing away any old disks and just using new ones.

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Yes, we are having the same problems and it appears as though they are occurring within Windows XP too.  What I have discovered is when I save a file using "save as" directly to the floppy in 2010, I am unable to use that disk again.  The disks I'm using are brand new double-sided high density 1.44MB.  I don't seem to have the problem when I use "output file" using 2009.

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my mc9900 keeps getting a warning..it only shows the foot pedal with the cord hooked up to the machine. I have to reset it by turning the machine off or unplugging the pedal cord. It's difficult to sew anything because its a constant warning. 

Thank you,

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