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Select the text tool
Select multi line text
Type the first name
~ put the squiggle line (sorry forget the technical term) before the next
name. That adds a color change
~ next name
~ next name
When you are finished the names will appear on separate lines in different
colors. You then go in to the properties and change the line spacing to
-100. That will stack the names. If it does not appear stacked, re-generate
your stitches (g)

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Another way to name stack is to create a text box then choose Multiline.  Check the box that says Split text into segments then enter your names.  You'll find you have separate names.  Select them all then align center/center.  The beauty of this technique is, you can have different fonts, you can change spelling easy, things like that.  You want to be sure you create each one in a different color so the machine will stop. You can have all of them on the screen before aligning, choose every other one and change those to whatever color you like.  There you go!  All have a color change.  :-)

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Hi here are the steps to do name stacking

1.  Open a new file

2.  Using the line angle tool draw your line where you want the text.

3.  Choose multi line

4.  Enter 1st name and press enter

5. Add ~ and the 2nd name and press enter

6. Add ~ and the 3nd name and press enter

7. Click Ok

8. Now goto properties and change the line spacing -100

9. Change the font and size and underlay etc then click ok.

10. Press G on your keyboard to regenerate the outlines, and the names will be stacked on top of each other.

Note you will need to change your machine , or program it to stop on the color changes, check your manual.

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