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Emdroidery software for basic needs

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Hello everybody.

I run a screen printing company and so far we tend to outsource products in order to meet customers needs. I have just ordered a Ricoma CHT2 with four heads. Although Ricoma claims that Chroma Inspire (the first version of the software) is included with every machine, this is probably done with US customers and not European. 

My basic need is to convert vector files (in most of the cases this is a two or three color logo). 

Which digitizing software would you suggest? Do you believe that Chrome Inspire will work for basic digitzing needs or should consider something more advanced such as Hatch Embroidery Digitizer?

Thanks for your support! 

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3 hours ago, diver361 said:

Basically, the choice of digitizing software depends on the amount you want to spend. If you bought a professional embroidered machine, it is better to buy a professional program such as Wilcom or Pulse. This will solve all your problems.

Thanks for your reply.

Would you consider Hatch by Wilcom such an option?

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A lot of advertising. Judging by the price, this is the entry level. I have no wholesale. but judging by the descriptions, this is consumer software like PE-Design. It is definitely not suitable for professional work. 

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    • True manual digitizing with professional quality results
    • Open and closed shape digitizing tools


    This is described as the program's capabilities. But it has been around for over 20 years in various machine embroidery editing programs. And it certainly isn't news or an achievement.

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