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2020 Embird won't open my new designs

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I have a Husqvarna Topaz 20 machine for about 3 years.  It's been embroidering great until I installed 2020 from 2018.   I can open the ".hus" files for the embroidery machine and am able to manipulate the designs as well.  I save it to a thumb drive (I've tried a dozen of them).   

I also have Janome files on a few of the thumb drives and it reads them just fine.  (On my Janome)

The problem is when I take it to the machine.  It show me the folders that I've created, but when I open the folder, there's nothing in it - even though there might be 6 designs there that I just saved to it.   

My Questions are

1.  Does this have anything to do with the new upgrade?

2.  Is there such a thing as newer USB's that would keep it from recognizing the files??

3.   Could it be possible that I can downgrade back to the 2018 when it did work?


I've been pulling out my hair.  I've tried everything and it reads my older files but not my new ones.     Does anyone have a solution, ideas, opinions, etc to help me out???




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I would divide your question into several parts.
I have never encountered this problem. I have been using Embird for more than 10 years. Current version 2021 (January 2021).
Check which button you have pressed. All files are displayed only if the * button is selected. Alternatively, only the formats that you have selected are shown.

Show all files in embird

Answers on questions.
1. No, I have never experienced any problems after an upgrade.
2. If only the USB device is broken and needs to be replaced. See if the files are visible in the explorer (Windows)
3. Of course the old version is available on the site. But this is not the best choice. You will lose many new opportunities. For example, new file formats will not be read.

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