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Hi there,

i have been digitizing for awhile now and sometimes i notice when i have digitized a rectangle or square complex fill with either a 45 or 315 degree angle stitch, it sews out crooked.

does anyone out there know why this is??

the fabric?

the underlay?

the density?

its getting quite frustrating as the rest of the design will look fantastic but the simple block behind the logo just lets the overall look of the logo down.any help would be hugley appreciated,


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It stitches crooked based on the angle of your stitch direction. Fills pull in on the sides and that pulling in will change with the angle. When I do fills, I do them all in layers and don???t have these problems. I take the fill, decide how many layers I want (on one color I do two layers), split the layer by that much in density (if I were using 63.5 spi then each layer would be -30 spi) and I use no underlay. I copy and paste rather than duplicate. Copy/paste makes the segment land squarely on top of itself. On one layer I will start in one location and end at the opposite side then have the 2nd layer start where the first one ended. This is a much gentler way to apply stitches to your fabric. When I blend colors I set the travel stitch to travel along the edge. Otherwise the travel stitch in the middle really spoils a nice blend. J
Hope this helps.

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