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My Sierra embroidery software shows I can use two color block at 2.56" tall.  I typed in the name HOLBROOK at 1.76" tall.  The screen shows stitches missing (not filled) and when I stitch the name the stitches are missing (varied, spotty, not filled correctly)  What is wrong?  It defaults to satin which is what  I want; changing to a fill stitch would be too many stitches. I shouldn't have to change this to a fill stitch when the parameters indicate 2.56".


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You can convert text to segments, hide your border color encase all the background colors and convert to fill try tatami 50?? should only be around 22,000 stitches.Can you use a different font that stitches straight across rather than on a slanted angle used for a fill???

If you still have a problem then send it to me and i will help you.

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or you can use simply a beautiful way to get a nice effect using in property's, quality control, choose abs split max stitch length, put max stitch length by 6 or 7 and the abs split distance by 4. for me it looks nicer for large names. and don't forget to increase a bit more density and to use proper underlay.

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