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Basic questions about Wilcom education 2

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I am using Wilcom 1.5. Can somebody tell me why I have this separations on the heart, left and right. Expert says material is OK. Why colours inside the hart look old and tick, but colours of the sqaure flag looks shine and thin?

Embroidered heart design with overlap problem

Embroidered flag without pull compensation

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There are two possible fixes for this problem.
1. Add spacers to the embroidery digitizer by increasing the size of the area that will be sewn first. Then the next word will "cover" part of the embroidered one. As a result, there will be no empty space.
2. Use the tool Pull Compensation. It will automatically add the desired space of the embroidered area.

Pull compensation wilcom software

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OK, I understand that part for empty space. I add envelope of 1 milimeter, but there is empty space again :) . Size of the heart is 5 x 5 centimeters :)

I am more interested for the separations in heart, left and right. The machine filled the space along the inner and outer line of the heart with embroidery, and there is a space between them, a half-empty space. How to overcome that?

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