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Hi guys,

i am hoping some one out there can help me out with this problem as it is driving me crazy and i have no idea why this is.

ok so this have never happened to me but just recently i have noticed that my lock stitches are sticking out from the satin path / complex fill, when they trim and tie off.

i use the basic lock stitching for mainly all lock stitches.

example : when i finished off the letter "S"  the lock stitch would lock back over the top of the satin path (as it should) then on its final stitch before the trim, it would quickly jump out and across from the letter leaving it to look as if a run stitch is sticking out from the "S".

this is a little hard to explain, but if you can imagine say the letter "S" with a tail at the end of the satin.

this is also happening on some other letters, and now that i have noticed i am worried that all my designs are locking off with a tail sticking out! it looks horrible!

when i digitize in Wings its showing the lock stitch is sitting correctly within the embroidery design, but once sewed it jumps out! i have no idea why this is?

i have tried changing the lock stitch lengths but i still get the same result! as about 50% of my business is free lance digitizing the last thing i want is to be sending out crappy work!

if anyone out there has any info or tips on how to solve this problem, your help would be hugely appreciated!!

thanks so much :),

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Just change the red triangle to the opposite side of the end of the segment. Its an idiosyncrasy that I have found on especially small letters or segments. Just pay attention to the computer stitch out before sending it to the machine. This also happens when doing the applique??. Its a real pain at times. I have to fool the software on a few other things too. It keeps thinking its human. But we all know no human could be this constantly dumb unless they in the US Congress :o)

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