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Machine Embroidery - Stretch needle falls out

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Hi all,

I have a Brother Innovis VE2200 embroidery machine. I’m embroidering 190gsm cotton jersey tshirts with poly mesh cutaway. No glue is used. I have calibrated the bobbin and top thread tension with satin stitch columns and embroidered my desired designs multiple times using an embroidery or universal needle (both 11/75) with no problems. The designs are open and sheer with about 7000 stitches. I use Fufu 40wt embroidery thread. No shredding or breaks occur during embroidery.

I recently read that I should be using ball point needles to prevent holes (which have sometimes appeared in previous stitch outs, mind you this is rare but still annoying) so went out and bought Klasse 11/75 Stretch needles. 

However, when I start to embroider a shirt, the needle will fall out of the machine almost immediately. It is usually within the first 10 stitches. The needle does not break, it just stays in the fabric when the machine pulls up and I stop everything. If I switch back to any other needle type (except ball point), every thing works.

Anyone have an idea why this would be the case? The needles are brand new, there is very little hoop flagging and I’ve tried adding extra tear away stabiliser. The needle holder is in good shape and holds other needles firmly at 1000 spm speeds.

Is the fabric too dense for a 75 stretch needle and causing too much friction? Should I try an 80 or 90 stretch needle? Is it the klasse brand? Should my tensions be tweaked for stretch needles?

I just don’t understand why it’s only these needles falling out.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards




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Thank you for replying. I went out and bought Schmetz Jersey needles 70 - 90 pack. Worked perfectly using the size 70.

I also tried Klasse Ball Point needles size 70, worked perfectly. 

I have to therefore assume it’s something to do with the Klasse Stretch needles. Either they don’t work altogether or I got a bad batch. 

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