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Serial cables should not be longer than 75 feet (25 meters).

Parallel cables should be no longer than 25 feet (8 meters)*

There are alternatives for using serial based machines with longer lengths such as using a LAN to serial adapter.  


*Parallel machine connections are not officially supported and we can not guarantee this connection type will work correctly in all environments.  Please contact your distributor for additional information.

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I need to connect my embroidery machine  Tajima Neo 1 back up through the serial port, but my computer only has lan or USB connections. I bought a serial to USB adapter, but it won't recognize ANY ports- it comes up blank when trying to specify a port. What do I do?!?!?

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I have Wilcom E3

I have serial cable hooked up from computer - used to use floppy's - the embroidery  design is in the queue but is not received by the embroidery machine.  It will only show disks -

Is there a setting on the machine that I should set?  Dip switch or??? 

It does not give me any selection on the machine screen for direct cable - only says /disk.

My embroidery machine Brother BAS 416


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I don't know which machine you would like to connect but I can give you the information for Tajima serial machine connection.

<Protocol> See the machine setting in DGML (Tools, Configuration, Machine settings)
Machine type: Tajima serial
Baud rate:9600, 19200, 38400 (Up to your machine setting, see your machine's user manual)
Flow control : Hardware

<Cable wiring>

You may not able to find any same cable in the market. Wiring is not a standard connection.

What gives you the error message "ff", the machine of software?
What machine (model) to connect to?

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