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Fillet lace lily free embroidery design 2

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Fillet lace lily free embroidery design 2

Size full (name files - fikkelily*) : 5.6 x 18.24' 

Divided parts:

Size left (name files - leftsidefl1*) : 6.19 x 6.11' 

Size full (name files - rightsidefl1*) : 5.81 x 6.27' 

Size full (name files - middlesiflila*) : 6.19 x 6.11' 

Author: Krochin


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Thanks for the bug report. We have added missing files to this free machine embroidery design. If you are embroidering our designs, we would be delighted to see your embroidered designs. This helps our digitizers work further for you. Also report any problems and requests. We closely monitor the quality of our work.

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15 hours ago, killlab said:

Como se llamo esto i am from SPAIN.

I registered a lot time ago. Can i see this web without adblocer?

thanks )

What you see? What device you have? We have little advertising -payment for server.

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