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Please note that in order to use Auto Trace within Tajima Pulse version 2010, you can use the short cut key of "T". Once you have your image loaded on your screen, simply choose your drawing or digitizing tool and press "T" on your keyboard which will activate the Auto Trace.

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Harvey  Is there anyway the Auto Trace feature can be added back to the tools drop down. I am much more familiar with using the drop downs vs the shortcut keys.

    I also am not able to use the shortcut  "H" key when I am using a complex fill design that has holes. What is the new shortcut for that feature?  Really not sure if I am going to convert to the 2010 version. Way too many changes that make my digitizing much more time consuming.


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The Auto Trace tool will be added to drop down, but keep in mind that using shortcut keys, will help you to avoid additional steps and speeds up the process of digitizing. As for closing your shape, you will need to press "O" instead of "H".

You can locate all new Hot Keys within Shortcut tab window.

Changes were done based on requests from all users that we have across the world. I do agree that getting used to new keys might be little confusing but you also have the option of choosing your own hot keys from Customize option under Tools and Setting.

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