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We purchased Sierra Embroidery office  about 2 years ago and it works great for us.  Recently we purchased a new laptop and Illustrator installed fine, opened fine but the problem the design is almost like the density is very low.  All settings are the same, screen has been calibrated, tried running in compatibility mode and still the design is "thin".  I thought maybe it was just the way it's shown but a sew out has the same "thin" look.  

Is there a way to fix this, I love to move everything over to the new laptop!


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Currently Sierra EOD (my expirience)  support Adobe Illustrator version  13.x and 14 on Windows 7 , the problem your having is unrelated to the version working on Windows 7 , it sound like either the settings have changed in your software or how you view,.. there are three types of units used in our software.

pts               points

spi               stitches per inch

mm             metric

the conversion between them is

if your using pts and you need a higher density the number is smaller ie

3.5 pt = 73 spi

in the tab in the user settings , units you can choose the options you want

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