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Last night I purchased anels1a.pes, betty18a.pes, olaf2a.pes and olaf5b.pes from your website.  I downloaded them to my computer.  However, when I tried to download them into my embriodery machine, the machine did not recognize the files.  I am not having any problems with .pes files downloaded from other websites.  How can I get new copies of these files?

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No worries. First please expalin which embroidery machine you have? Hoop size?
You can see in order download page 4-5 files for every design. Every fike have previx a,b,c, d....
Explain. If you have embroidery machine with with hoop 4 x4, you need choose and download file without prefix - name example anels1.pes, betty18.pes, olaf2.pes and olaf5.pes, because another files have bigger format.
Order with embroidery designs
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Hi I asked you some time ago if you could embroidery design me a fireman sam in pes format you said you would add it to your order but although I have kept in contact with you asking when it would be ready I have not heard anything to say it is available for purchase please can you get back to me asap

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