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I have bought the plane Dusty embroidery design on 1 May 2014 with ref.no. 79320827 / 51675523.I have a Husqvarna, Orchidea sewing embroidery machine.  My frame's size's is 100mm X 100mm and 200mm X 100mm.  As soon as I get to the tail wing of the aircraft, the embroidery will not go further, unless I use a stitch length of 3,5. This makes the embroidery to thick and as soon color 4 is being used, It will not go further, because of the thickness of the embroidery. Please assist in this problem.

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Please add more details; fabric, stabilizer. What size you using? Where  you  can change stitch length?    Yo need know, if stitch size decrease,  density  of  embroidery  design - increase (less step- more

steps). Also please attach photos. We not found problem in this embroidery.

First  tip-  decrease  embroidery  machine speed. Up 400 stitches per


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Thank you for replying on my post.  I am using the very old computer system of windows 98 to do the customising of the embroidery design. That was the system my sewing machine came out with.  I used a USB floppy disk drive unit to download the embroidery design from my laptop onto a floppy disk.   Once I have customized the image onto the programmable embroidery card and plugged it into the sewing machine, it is only possible to use the straight stitch length of 4 or 3.5 (or less).  I have tried 3.5, but then the stitches are too dense.  If I use the stitch length of 4, the design stop embroidering at a certain point and would not go further (see attached photograph).
I am using cotton fabric.  The speed of the embroidery was at the lowest and also the sewing machine have chosen automatically the low speed.
Please help! Is there anything else that I am suppose to do.

In hoop dusty embroidery design

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I see you attached photo, and no tell this is very density. We using standard density 0.4 (this because thread have width 0.4 mm). Sorry, you resize embroidery? If you know which density you need please . We change density in our file and send you another version. 

We also think your embroidery software not correct understand our file. This is point in you customizing.

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I am going to take two actions before I am going to bother you with requests for other changes in the design file. My friend has got a Husqvarna Designer II sewing machine and we are going to try and embroider the design with her sewing machine.  Unfortunately, I have to wait for her, for at least a week, to do this.  Secondly (I suppose the better option), I am busy in locating software, which is a younger version and would probably be better to read your files. According to Husqvarna in South Africa, I would not be able to use the newest software, because of the age of my sewing machine.
So, if you do not mind you will probably hear from me again in about two
week's time.
Yours truly,

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So what you are telling me is I need to put 3 layers of stabilizer underneath and a topper to make this sew right?


Layers not important option.  Important total stabilizer density.

Example; 3 layers with 40 gr/m2  same as 1 with 120 gr/m2.

You need totals stabilizer density around 220-240 grm2. 
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I just found you site and am so excited about the products you have for sale.  I love Precious Moments and plan to purchase more in the future.  Thank you!!
Question: will my order be kept in my files with my downloads in case I need to access when traveling with my sewing machine?It is great to be creative and use of already purchased patterns will make this easier along with checking if I have already purchased an item.  Does you site have a duplicate item alert when purchasing? thanks again!!!

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