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Fabric type, stabilizer type, tension setting, thread type on an embroidery machine

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I own a Brother PE1900 embroidery machine.  I only recently started learning machine embroidering on it.  The issue I am asking for guidance on is that the material puckers in the hoop when I do a design.

I spend the time to get the material/stabilizer in the hoop well (not good at it), I use temporary adhesive to help keep the 2 pieces together, and when I am done (an hour later - I can't see the bottom piece of the hoop and I am not coordinated at popping it in, I spend a lot of time trying to work out the bubbles that occur as I try to get the 2 pieces of the hoop together) it is in the hoop and smooth/well-tightened (I cut down my material and don't need to worry about clipping excess material).   The time I invest perfecting it in the hoop doesn't seem to be making a difference. 

Does it come down to the tension?  I have been leaving it at 4, which is what I read is generally best.  The materials I work with have been denim, quilting 100% cotton fabric (which is the thinnest), and felt.  I tried looser knits and it was a disaster, should have known it'd stretch and was an awful idea.

Not sure if thread type matters?  I have purchased a ton of polyester, which is cheapest, and also purchased some 100% cotton and accidentally 100% Rayon.  Would this matter?  Given my new arsenal of polyester thread, I am hopeful the answer is "no", but definitely would prefer to know if it is a problem.

The 3 different stabilizers I have are cutaway, tearaway, and washaway (which is like seran wrap and from my limited use works about as well).

I put together a table summarizing the variables I am asking about and my question on what is best for each.  Are there any others I need to consider?

Table with embroidery data

Is there a place to set the material type you are working on when you go to embroider on the machine (mine is a SE1900)?

On a separate note, my mom told me they make magnetic hoops for machines that are supposed to be easier than the plastic hoop my machine came with - they are quite expensive though - does anyone have feedback as to whether they are worth it, and a recommendation that would be compatible with a SE1900 if they have had positive experience with the magnetic ones?

Thank you for any help!  I am grateful for your forum!

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