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I am wondering if you can send me the file that has a picture of the embroidery design to be embroidered along with a list of colours needed and the order they will be embroidered in and the thread count / full size of the embroidery design? I have attached a sample of what it is that i'm talking about, i hope you can send them to me for all of the designs i just purchased. I would not have purchased them if i had known those files would not have been included. 
Little pony embroidery design color chart
Thank you.
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On 6/21/2014 at 12:03 PM, stitchesnstuff12 said:

Also, how do i know which file is which size? I have downloaded several files for each design, and they're just labeled "filea.pes", "fileb.pes", etc. How do i know which file goes with which size?

Hello usually smallest size embroidery design no have prefix , bigger size have additional letter for basic name Example file.*** have size 100 x 100, file a.*** have size 120 x 120....file b.*** have size 140 x 140. Hi i selected the pes for the format that i have purchased, it gave me several choices differentiated with a, b, c, d, etc. at the end of the design name. What do these letters indicate?

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