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Janine Stewart  (Creative Director at Janine's Embroidery) Australia Adelaide :


"I use good quality stabilizer., I use either cutaway or medium perforated tear away which is very good very strong perforated tear Charles Parsons Established since 1915. Buy from a wholesaler in a 1,000 meter rolls"







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I used your Pooh embroidery design, here I come..it is adorable and stitched out beautifully..as usual..your digitizing is the best. With proper stabilizer, your designs never fail. I used iron on tricot with iron on tear away, over that..on the bottom. On the top, I used a layer of woven water soluble stabilizer..here it is called Aqua Melt. Hope you like these photos, as you can see the design is perfect. Thanks so much..your talent is so appreciated. :)

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ha ha ha when i first bought my elna and my roll of stabilizer... I hooped the "first" piece of paper and did my first little test design from the built -in designs..... all went well and my mind was racing... cause the price of the "paper" I was using was bugging me... could not believe the price I paid for it... I used to use this paper for other things and it was dirt cheap.. so i decided thats its - I will buy my paper from the shop I knew that sold it....  I finished my design - was very happy with it... pulled the pieces of paper off the back .. ha ha ha then I got very clever and decided to pre cut my pieces of stabilizer for future use..... only to find I had been using the paper lead that was used to wrap the roll... ( was rather alot!)  what a chump I felt.............but still wonder hey... it hooped well and stitched well  and it was soft cheap paper.

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I have water soluble (the fabric and the saran wrap kind), medium weight tear away, and a light weight cutaway. Since i sew clothes I already have lost of iron-on interfacing type stuff that I use on knits, so I didn't buy any of that no-show fusible mesh stuff. I also got conflicting recommendations. One lady told me she gets the best results by using this fusible interfacing stuff on the area she's embroidering (as in just iron it over the area of the design, not the whole area of the hoop, and then a normal tear away, and float the design. Then others say you should use that fusible polymesh stuff and tear away.... but I already have interfacing so I'll try the one ladies method.

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