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I'm extremely new to the embroidery world so excuse my lack of terminology and explanation.  We hare started doing embroidery for local sports teams (high schools and middle schools) and they are repeatedly asking for their team name be put across the back/neck of their shirts right below the collar.  These are microfiber type shirts and we aren't able to keep center when pressing the hoop down over the shirt resulting in off center name logo.  What is a solution I can use to fix this.  We need this ASAP.

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You might try wrapping the top hoop with a cotton strip like bias tape.  Stabilizer prevents fabric moving from the bottom side, the cotton wrap will keep fabric snug in the hoop from the top.  This has worked for me.

  You might also try a temporary spray adhesive on the stabilizer to make sure the fabric doesn't slip around on the stabilizer.  Slippery fabrics like the microfibers tend to wiggle.

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I am not sure on the problem , but some spots are hard to hoop, and get lined up properly. I use a very old HOOPMASTER that holds the hoop in place and I can easily pull the garment over the HOOPMASTER and place the hoop in the same spot every single time. this is a great utility for setting up large runs.

However on some jobs with like embroiderying on the tops of hoodies, collars , straps bags and on the neck area where there hard to hoop I use the HOOPTECH clamps. They make ligning the material up as just slide the material over the area and then snap the clamp closed perfect every time. I use this alot.

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