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How Do I Transfer Embroidery Designs to a USB stick?

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What version of our embroidery software are you using,  You may want to try exporting the DXF as mm.  DXF files do not usually export the units setting with the file so this could cause a problem with scaling.  What program are you creating the DXF file in?  If you can send copy of the file we can have a look.

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Hello. I have a wilcom embroidery studio e2. When I convert a vector image to the embroidery software automatically sets the stitch. It sets not beautiful and I want to change the position of stitches degrees. For example half of the stitches on the other side and half on the other direction, as sheets of wood. I sent the photo look embroidery, such design I want to create. Help me please, how do it?

Embroidered one colored patternBag with embroidered design

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Designing your own embroidery patterns is simple and fun! You have many options for designing your own patterns including using a design software program (like Adobe Illustrator). If you’re not familiar with how to use these programs, here are some tips to get started:

- Open a new document in Adobe Illustrator, making sure to set the correct dimensions for the final product.

- Select the type of font you want to use. There are hundreds of fonts available online; however, if you don't know what font to choose, go with the standard Arial font.

- Once you've selected the font, click on “Type” and then select “Create Outlines.”

- Use the Rectangle tool to draw out a rectangle shape. Make sure that the corners of the rectangle are rounded.

- Create a line width using the Line Width tool and adjust the length accordingly.

- When drawing your design, make sure that you keep the center of the design at 0,0.

- To create a text box, simply click once on the canvas and then again on the same spot while holding down the Shift button. This creates a square text box centered around the first point you clicked on.

- Finally, add any additional details to your design.

- Save your file and export it to a.jpg format.

Need help to digitize design for embroidery? Embroidery digitizing services allow designers to create custom embroidered items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, hats, etc. Then the design is converted into a file format that can be printed directly on fabric.

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