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I absolutely hate doing woven fabrics because it seems that no matter what I do, there is puckering.  I'm beginning to feel that maybe the puckering is just an industry standard and I'm being way to picky.  Is there someone who would be willing to to run a sample of one of my files on their embroidery machine using similar fabric, backing, etc that I have and let me know if they are getting the same type of puckering? 

I've spent literally 4 hours working on a stitch out sample trying to get rid of the puckering and I'm getting totally frustrated.  I've switched needles, taped the hoop, traced the hoop outline before and after stitching to see if the fabric is moving (and it isn't), used alternate backing, you name it...I've tried it.

If you are willing to help me out, please send a quick email  I will email you the file along with a picture of my sample stitch out and all the steps I've done to create the sample.


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