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Clothes with embroidery designs

Embroidered logos are perfect to personalize presents for die-hard fans – and they look funny and creative too! Not sure how logo embroidery actually works? Take a look at these amazing items made by our community members and shared here for your inspiration. From football teams and drinks to cars and haute couture brands, we feature a large selection of options to choose from. These applications work perfectly with towels, sweaters, cushions, T-shirts, jackets and more. Pick the best embroidery design and get started right away inspired by these masterfully crafted items!

Oftentimes, our favorite outfits lack that tiny thoughtful detail that can make them truly stand out. Not with these gorgeous embroidery designs, though! They are a perfect way to personalize your clothing. Check out this gallery to see how other people used various applications to enhance their favorite belongings: sweaters, T-shirts, denim outfits, baby stuff, dresses, skirts, hats, sweatshirts, jackets, shorts and much more. Even the most ordinary item can be transformed into a special thing like no other. We’re looking forward to having your handiwork showcase in our library too! 

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