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Juno bag with Angry Cat free embroidery design


Author:  Nancy Lee‎

Author comment:  "Cover of the Juno Bag with awesome embroidery design!"

You want to decorate the bag - this design is for you! Want to embroider textile? This design is great with this.
Today we will look at how to embroider a free machine embroidery design with a cat on the
popular materials that are used for sewing bags.
For example, everyone's favorite and multifunctional shopping bags, as a rule, are sewn from linen or cotton fabric.

In order to embroider on such material you will need:

  • Tear-off or detachable meckle stabilizer
  • Glue-gray temporary fixation, for example, GunoId KK100 or Madega Tetrogu 5rgau Adhesive M5A 1100
  • Printed Design Template
  • Washable marker, for example, from the manufacturers Clover, Hemline, WelIpaft free
  • Machine Embroidery Design
  • Embroider on such sufficiently dense fabrics is a pleasure. They are stable, flexible and, often, there are no big problems with them.
  • First, you must correctly position the embroidery on the money. To do this, use an erasable marker and a printed design template. This paper pattern is a full-size design, with a marked center of embroidery and axis direction lines. These marks are transferred to the fabric by a marker.
  • Now you need to stabilize the fabric. To stabilize, use temporary fix adhesive. It is important, during wading, to ensure that the marks on the fabric coincide with the cancellations on the hoop. At the end of the embroidery, crucify the fabric and remove the excess stabilizer. Nothing complicated.
  • But in order to put embroidery on the skin, from which handbags are most often sewn, you have to work hard.
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