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    Lovely design. Very free flowing. Thanks for the design
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    Add here the name that you want to see for in our Names free machine embroidery collection. Please use English. All requests and their results are absolutely free. We also value your opinion on the quality, formats and sizes of designs.
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    Lovely design. Very free flowing. Thanks for the design.
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    View File Swirl free embroidery design A little swirly playtime sample Size: 5.60 x 6.87' Submitter The_Rogster Submitted 06/11/2020 Category Decoration  
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    View File Baby and toy photo stitch free machine embroidery design Size: 10.59 x 7.72' Author: Zabava Submitter test5 Submitted 04/05/2017 Category Photo stitch embroidery designs
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    Brother SE600 embroidery machine has a hoop size of 4 hours 4 inches. Before you copy files to a flash drive or USB card, you need to check the size of the machine embroidery file designs. This can be done on the product page. You can also use free embroidery software. For example, my editor. It is important to remember that none of the design sides should exceed 3.98'.
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    i have a brother SE600 and just cannot seem to get purchased fonts into my machine. I purchase, download, unzip, copy the PES file to my flash drive then when i insert into machine it displays folders (side, middle letters) but cannot view any letters or open the folders. I have used all the monogram fonts that came on my machine and want a fancier monogram for granddaughter. Hope someone can tell me what I am doing wrong!
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    Hi, I'm new to machine embroidery and am keen to learn how to convert a jpeg or pdf into an embroidery file using my Mac computer. Any assistance would be very much appreciated as I've been unable to find any machine embroidery design software programmes that are compatible. Thanks in advance, Frockage
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    View File Фея бесплатный дизайн машинной вышивки Розмір 171 на 172 мм, махра або плюш. Submitter Тетяна Петрус Submitted 07/03/2020 Category Angels and fairies  
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    Please explain where you have problem? Look here how download.
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    Good evening, My name is Brandon, and I'm new to the community. I have (2) single head machines; Brother BAS-415 and SWF B-T1501. Recently, many of my clients have asked to recreate New Era caps equipped with the World Series Side Patch. In particular, I would creating complex embroidered patterns of 2.5-3 inches (20,000-30,000 stitches) on the unstructured side panel of the New Era baseball cap (the panel closest to the edge). Here is what I am looking to find out; 1) Is it possible to achieve this level of difficulty embroidering on an unstructured panel of a baseball cap in this hard-to-reach area? My local store told me that I approached with a request that it would be too complicated, and the embroidery probably would not work. 2) If yes, what type of hoop will be recommended for this application? Is a standard SWF cap sufficient? My problem was to circle it perfectly, and even when stretching the panel, areas still appear as if they were deformed, if they were stitched 3) Is the Hooptech Side Cap suitable for this task? Here is the link to this Hooptech solution that I am considering. The main problem is that it is $ 400, and they only accept returns because of a manufacturer’s defect, so I really want to make sure that this will allow me to fulfill what I am looking for before the purchase. Funny fact; The area you can embroider is only 2 3/4 x 2.5, so I guess I can really only embroider 2-2.25 "designs (which is really disappointing given the price of the side clip). Hope to get some good advice on this. I am going to attach some images to the side patch style hats that I am going to reproduce. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    View File Firebird free embroidery design Дизайн в трех вариантах: моно, два цвета и мультицвет. Design available in 3 sizes. Submitter Тетяна Петрус Submitted 06/26/2020 Category Birds  
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    Suzuki GSX 1400 free embroidery design View File Free Suzuki GSX 1400 Motorbike embroidery design 17x12cm Submitter Dave W Submitted 02/07/2020 Category Auto and Moto  
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    Please help me to download the free Suzuki motorbike!
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    I have DG16 Illustrator Extreme. I've been using Pulse since dg/ml 2009 (v13) and am comfortable with it, but since upgrading to dg15, I've experienced more than normal crashes, at least 5 and sometimes up to 20 a day. I cannot pinpoint one thing I do that causes a crash, so tech support cannot re-create the problem. I was told that my computer didn't meet specs, so I spent almost $1,000 having my son build a me a computer that met the specs and exceeded the specs in almost all things. Nothing changed. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing random crashes and if one of the 2 higher levels is more stable.
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    Dear All Have a nice day. I am doing research with embroidery machine ( Richpeace ). It has a operation box ( Generally Monitor with touch display ). I want to remove it Touch display and replace with computer PC. Any one who have experience. Thanks
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    This is what got translated.... Friend, I have an emull tajima that is not a problem, you can send me what you used to be some crack bug if it is not original. or loop in the serial request code. (Portuguese) I'm not exactly sure what you would like me to send you. My software is likely to crash on any design I am working on. Specifications wise, I think my computer exceeds the minimum specs for the software in all categories. I don't understand why the software crashes so often.
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    looks like some one else has the same problem. Can that ' Kewin' member make some copies and send them to at least 2 of us PLEASE PLEASE. This is what I need, the INSIDE of this or at least the information of the manual, It might have a different cover I suppose.
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    I do not really understand the difference except the numbers. Specify what you don't like.
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    We attach version update file for your machine here.It is very important that you follow the instructions carefully. It is best to format a flash card before use. Make sure that the card has a volume of no more than 4 GB. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port on the machine. When using USB flash drive equipped with an access indicator, the access indicator will begin flashing after the media is inserted into your computer or machine, and may take about 5 to 6 seconds before the USB flash drive is recognized. (The length of time differs depending on the USB flash drive.) MCBNM0A106.upf
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    Hi, All. I am new to this group. I just purchased an SE600. I haven't been able to download the software update from 1.04 to 1.06. It is supposed to fix the problem with the foot pedal. The USB is empty before copying file to it. I followed the directions, and it is the right USB because I can use embroidery patterns placed on it. Brother has been helpful but not in this case. They just give me directions I already followed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    An associate of mine us the BLOCK2 font in Wilcom Studio and the end result is very nice with embroidery. I use Janome Artistic Designer and I do not have the same font on my computer. I have tried to search for it online, but I can not find it anywhere. Anyone familiar with where to look for this?
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    Hi All, I have a Brother BES-1216AC that works just perfectly in flat hoop mode. However, when it's off, then switched into Cap mode, it starts up make a small amount of movements and then starts beeping and only says "OVERTRAVEL" on the screen and you can't get it to do anything else. Happens regardless of whether or not the actual cap mount is installed. Any ideas as to why this may be happening? Thanks!
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    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right subform to be posting in, I received my machine today and I've been struggling to thread the needle ( Unless the way im doing it is right )., I'm following the steps 1-8 with the thread when I get to step 6 on the 1150e the thread likes to slip out very easily, when I do finally get it to stay in place and get to step 7 than 8 to cut the extras and press down the threading slider it dosen't thread, now if from step 6 I go around the BACK of the needle in to step 7 an 8 an press down the threading slider it threads but than after a few stitches my thread will snap. I've been googling and googling for answers but I can't find any real videos for my model, I've been looking for other models that might be similar but they're all threading from the front ( from what Im seeing ) any words of advice?
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    I am a store owner who is wanting to add embroidery to my list of services and products. I have an opportunity to purchase a Brother Entrepreneur Pro pr1000e from a friend who took very good care of it. She wants $5000 with stand, hoops, accessories etc. Its 8 years old and I wanted to know if anyone has any experience using this and if it is worth it?
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    Amigo, tenho um tajimaemull que não da problema, pode me enviar o que você utilizou para deve ser algum bug do crack caso não seja original. ou loop no codigo de solicitação de serial.
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    Yes, you get good manual. In any case, I would like to give you a link to tutorials on you-tube for using this type of machine. May I send you a link?
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    Thank you so much. My brother is a Star Trek fan and it is so hard finding unique embroidery files for it.
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    I have a Silver Viscount machine and it came with the EZ software. Still learning.
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    What embroidery machine brand you use?. I want to know because i'm beginner in this field and want to learn.
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    Bonjour, Je souhaiterais savoir comment télécharger le logiciel ez design sur mon pc svp ?
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    You have original format -.PXF? Or only DST file.
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    View File Sunflower photo stitch free embroidery design 12 Embroidered flowers to create beautiful pillows for the decoration of the kitchen. Big bright project. The finished product will look like a real picture. Embroidery is very dense. Consider this when choosing a fabric. It is best to use cotton and embroidery on the cut part of the fabric. Embroidery on the cut is used for products that are difficult to apply stitches when they are ready. For example, pillows: embroidery on the finished pillow not only complicates the task for specialists and equipment, but also reduces the quality of application of stitches. Embroidery technology on the cut is also used in the mass production of workwear: it is more convenient, faster, more economical to embroider on the cut than on the finished product. This technology can also be used for flashing upholstered furniture, hats, mittens and socks. Embroidery on the cut - the only option for applying a pattern on a jacket or jacket. Size: 15.63 x 11.72' Submitter test5 Submitted 09/16/2016 Category Photo stitch  
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    View File Sunflower photo stitch free embroidery design 9 Size: 13.97 x 10.23' Author: Zabava Submitter test5 Submitted 02/18/2017 Category Photo stitch embroidery designs
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    View File Blue firebird free embroidery design Size: 10.52 x 6.09' Submitter test5 Submitted 01/02/2017 Category Decoration free embroidery designs
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    No problem please look here Auto and Moto logotypes embroidery designs
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    I see you have a Chevrolet bowie logo embroidery design was wondering if you had this in a 8" wide logo and do you have the Heartbeat of America logo embroidery design for Chevrolet? If so what sizes and whats the price?
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    I have just purchased and paid for the Fox Racing logo embroidery design in Janome jef format and the file will not open using either FireFox or Windows Explorer. I have never had this problem before; could you explain how I can open your download files? Kind regards,
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    Sorry, we not develop this free embroidery software. And not may fix these problem. Cheers
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    I downloaded your free software and I have noticed that all my designs are now shown with an extension of ngs.documents instead of .pes. How do I correct it? I deleted the software, but my files still show the extension.
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    Please try again, also please check in your browser enabled JAVA support ( Open menu - option). Also we not found problem. Please try again. Also we send these designs as attach via e-mail. Cheers
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    I don't&know there's a free embroidery software out there yet that can convert vector ;or bitmap files to embroidery designs. The convert files are very complicated and have too many differents commands and tools, i.e. what kind of type of fill stitches to use, where to put jump or running stitches, start and end for block (element), when and where to trim the threads and change needle, whichfill density to use. There's a free embroidery software file in Free embroidery software that you can download and use, but I think the have limited to 5 days to check like or no, (almost useless in my opinion). Wilcom and Tajima Pulse no have trial of free (test) version and only offers freeware viewer-converters (from one embroidery format to to) versions of their programs, meaning, you can just view & resize some (predigitized) embroidery designs. have a good day!
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