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The Magic of Christmas in your projects

time to give gifts to friends and family
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Excellent stitches and original style

Stitched out beautifully! Looked amazing and no issues!
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Loving birds.. Wonderful designs, stitched out beautifully

Really cute, You love this when you stitched it. Would love more of same designs.
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Our designs looks great

Stitched out beautifully! Wonderful decoration!
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Adorable design. Stitches out beautifully.

"Thanks so much for this design It's lovely and stitched out beautifully on leather."
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    Thank you for providing some free design...
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    If you right click on one of your design files and select "open with" then find the run file for your preferred software this will be an EXE file. Before you click on accept be sure to click on the box to set the software file as "default". This is only one way to revert back to your software there are also others. Good luck. Dave
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    When you installed it, did the install change all the design icons to the Truesizer? If so, right click on the file (design) and go to properties and change the icon back to the program you used to open your designs and hit apply. That will change them all back to the icon they were and they will open up in your preferred software.
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    We added this Vineyard vines embroidery design
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    Live Long and Prosper free embroidery design View File This design is the Vulcan script of the greeting and goodbye. "Live Long and Prosper". I have not stitched this design out yet iv'e not had time. So let me know how it goes. If you like my designs click on the like button and leave a comment. Don't forget to share my designs with your friends. Have fun and Live Long and Prosper. Submitter Dave W Submitted 03/14/2020 Category Science fiction  
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    Add here the name that you want to see for in our Names free machine embroidery collection. Please use English. All requests and their results are absolutely free. We also value your opinion on the quality, formats and sizes of designs.
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    View File Treasure map free embroidery design Enjoy this design for all kids' stuff 14x20 frame Submitter nana35 Submitted 02/20/2020 Category Applique  
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    Wow that is absolutely fantastic. Well-done to you. I am so pleased you took the time to show me your finished project. A**. Thank you and you are welcome to share my designs with your friends. Please try out some more of my designs. I have loads to digitise yet but getting the time is not easy. All the best Dave :-)
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    Huge thank you to Dave for your awesome car gauges! I turned them into badges and sewed them onto a hat for my Hubby. I think it turned out great
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    Star Trek Starfleet Command Arm Patch free embroidery design View File Free Star Trek, Starfleet Command Arm Patch. Come on who doesn't want an arm patch from Star Trek. This logo is also often seen on the computer screens in the background. It sews out great, then put some iron-on adhesive on the back and away you go. Submitter Dave W Submitted 02/01/2020 Category Science fiction  
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    also you will need a light spray of adhesive to help keep your fabric in place. Perhaps digitize your stitch length increased a bit, like 30%
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    Is the design heavy or detailed? Make sure you are using a ballpoint needle. The ballpoint needle has a small round ball on the end of it and is designed to penetrate between the fibers of the knit eliminating the chance of the cuts unless it is a dull needle. If it is dull, it will definitely cut the fabric and cause runs and holes. On knits, the smaller the needle point, the better your design will look when it is finished. The ballpoint needles come with light, medium and heavy points. The light ballpoints (SES) would be used for lightweight fine knits and sheer woven fabrics, such as silk.
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    Hello, we are trying to see if you can do the "G" embroidery design in a smaller version. Would love to see it come in about a 1 inch circle. Please consider this, it would be a great addition to the current sizes you offer. The smaller one you have is not small enough for bands or belts. Thanks.
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    Please attach picture which you wish.
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    View File Angry bee free embroidery design An evil bee awakens a funny decor element on your son’s t-shirt. Size: 3.85 x 4.2" Author: EmbGallery Submitter diver361 Submitted 11/07/2019 Category Insects  
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    I have a brother dream machine. I am a retired very senior male who loves embroidery, can't sew though learning
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    Hi, Joe! I realize this might not apply to your situation but thought I should share it. I had the same error (top thread broken warning) when using my machine at the beginning. Though I checked everything, and my thread was not broken! So I made sure everything was clean and that there's no little pieces of thread were stuck in, etc. In the result it turned out my top thread tension was a little too loose! So I did two things: tightened the tension of the top thread a bit and slowed down a bit. After that, I did not have a problem.
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    Sailing ship free embroidery deisgn View File Size: 1.96 x 0.91' A small project on a marine theme. Great-decoration element for children's t-shirts. The small size allows you to decorate small items of clothing, such as a pocket. Author: EmbGallery Submitter diver361 Submitted 08/11/2019 Category Sea theme  
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    New project here Lego Captain America embroidery design Customer's photo:
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    New patterns: Maleficent embroidery design 2 Maleficent embroidery design 3 Maleficent's coffee embroidery design
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    Our entire collection including new projects you can find here Teddy bear embroidery designs library
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    You can search for pattern in our large Dog embroidery designs library. An alternative option we can make this design especially for you.
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    Cynthia, Valeria, Billie, Lynda
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    View File Young woman free embroidery design Size: 11.15 x 9.39" Submitter yucel Submitted 04/27/2019 Category Woman and Girl  
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    Design available here Blu embroidery design
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    Additional color tables for design Bright birdie embroidery design
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    Hello guys. My name is MJ and I am completely new to the embroidery / digitizing scene. I am 24 years old having recently graduated school. Unfortunately I decided to go down a different career path. I want to learn to digitize but am overwhelmed by the helplessness of where to begin. I have NEVER worked with embroidery or embroidery machines before. I am one who takes heavy interest in design and I do have appreciation for embroidery. I just do not know where to begin. Communities from Reddit told me to find work at an embroidery shop and learn some basic knowledge about embroidery and only then should I start to learn the digitizing software. Do you guys agree? I am already looking for work at embroidery shops but it is hard because I do not have any experience and many do not have time to train. What would you guys do if you were in my shoes? COMPLETELY NEW to embroidery/digitizing and wanting to learn... Thank you so much.
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    First design free embroidery Mask ...Please using water soluble stabilizer. Maska_18__9.zip
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    View File Free embroidery decoration for dress Max size: 4.59 x 7.69' Author: Elensew Submitter test5 Submitted 04/19/2016 Category Decoration free embroidery designs  
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    I am trying to download a USC Gamecock logo embroidery design in .vip format. It says my PayPal payment went through. Can\'t seem to find the download file. Please help. Thanks
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    Fram football club embroidery design
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    Ok wee add small version for pocket. Please back and download. Green Bay Packers Logo machine embroidery design
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    You already carry the logo, I'm just wanting it smaller, like the size of a US quarter, for example. I'm attaching the picture of your logo
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    Please explain which logo you want. In our embroidery store have any variants. If this possible we create.
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    I would like see Blue Devil embroidery logo in my new shirt..
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    Next free Mask machine embroidery design Mask_free_embroidery_design2.zip
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    I am hoping you will have embroidery designs for Steven Universe soon!!
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    Please attach link to this design, for understand situation.
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    View File Small horse free embroidery design teşekürler Submitter yucel Submitted 04/26/2019 Category Animals  
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    View File Kitty photo stitch free free embroidery design 19 Size: 9.76 x 6.61" Author: Zabava Submitter test5 Submitted 06/03/2017 Category Photo stitch embroidery designs  
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    Most of our embroidery design may be resized. Please attach your wish list.
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    If I purchase a embroidery design like the one in this link will I be able to view it in my Wilcom Truesizer program embroidery software, as I was looking to purchase a pattern before and was told I needed it in PES for my brother se400 and Emb to be able to view with Wilcom software. Also when I look at the following embroidery design it shows four sizes, does it come with all of them or do I need to choose just one size hoop from this link Miami Dolphins 2013 logo embroidery design
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    Sorry, first question - you have copyrights for these designs?
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    Thank you so much for your patience with me. I am new to embroidery and making my first quilt with embroidery. Ultimately, I think the problem was my embroidery machine which used an old card system. Anyway, I traded it in on a machine that doesn't have a card, downloaded the files you just sent, and the files appear to be recognized without any issues. Would it be possible for you to do one or both of these same logos larger? I'd really like to have a 9" X 9" of the jumping duck or both. How much would you charge me for that? Thank you for all your help,
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    Can you draw one, with the requested dimensions? or do you have alreade something similiar? thanks
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    What kind of logos are you looking for? Anything exact?
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