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I bought some embroidery designs.  My order # was 026060 for $12.70.  I did not realize that I had to put the free ones on at that time.  There are a couple of free ones that I want but they are too big.  Can you put them on a 4x4 pes, and can I get them free?  The ones I want are Sylvester and Dallas Cowboys logo.  Thank you very much.

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Some embroidery designs cannot be resized well such as some cross stitch and photo stitch and also applique. I love the photo stitch but many are way too big even for my PR600 frame. The Sunflower by test5 is ok on the height but the width is 8.78 which is too large for the biggest PR600 that I have. I would need less than 8". Love the free designs but if they are too large I cannot use them. I also have a Babylock Ellissimo Gold II but use the PR600 for photostitch due to density. Can we please ask that the original designs be shared in several sizes so that many of us are able to stitch them out? I do have the free Wilcom True Sizer and wonder if we could get the .emb format so we might be able to re-size in that program?

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