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Our latest computer we use is a Gateway.  Right off we realized that it only has USB ports (except for the port for the monitor).  We were instructed (by Pulse) to purchase a Keyspan serial/usb adapter.  This is installed, but I still cannot send my embroidery designs to my Tajima.  When we purchased our embroidery machine & digitizing software several years ago, we paid for the LAN capability, but have never had any luck getting that to work either.  We recently upgraded to the Version 14 Illustrator Extreme (from version Tajima 12 Illustrator).  The only way I can embroidery is to put my design on a flash drive & put it into my Tajima and that works.  What can I do to get this working?  Originally, I could send machine embroidery designs via the spooler to the embroidery machine with no problem.  A year ago our computer crashed and when we had it repaired, the service man upgraded us from Windows 2000 to XP, and that's when the problem started with the designs.  My computer would show that the design went to the machine, but I could not get the Tajima to retrieve the embroidery design without getting an error code.  The new computer is Windows 7.

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I would like to be able to hook my computer to my embroidery machine. I've received a lot of conflicting information on how to do this.

I have a Tajima Neo-II mfg in 2010. I have both 2009 and v14 software. I just downloaded the latest embroidery patch for v14. From the start (last December) I have not been able to get 2010/v14 to run consistently. It keeps crashing, so I generally use 2009. I'm hoping this new patch will make v14 more stable.

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