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Hi all been search for a embroidery software like freeware if there is one where i can convert my vector files (eps, ai, cdr) machine embroidery machine formats such as Tajima -dst, .Melco -exp .dst and other popular.
I know Tajima? Wilcom and Barudan  is supposed to be great but i hear its quite pricey and basically im just trying to experiement for now and do a few custom designs for my customers.
can anyone reccomend a solutiona or give me free version (trial or have some limitations)? also if anyone knows how to do these with adobe illustrator, fireworks or other vector soft that would help also.

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I don't&know there's a free embroidery software out there yet that can convert vector ;or bitmap files to embroidery designs. The convert files are very complicated and have too many differents commands and tools, i.e. what kind of type of fill stitches to use, where to put jump or running stitches, start and end for block (element), when and where to trim the threads and change needle, whichfill density to use.

There's a free embroidery software file in Free embroidery software that you can download and use, but I think the have limited to 5 days to check like or no, (almost useless in my opinion).

Wilcom and Tajima Pulse no have trial of free (test) version and only offers freeware viewer-converters (from one embroidery format to to) versions of their programs, meaning, you can just view & resize some (predigitized) embroidery designs.
have a good day!

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On 12/18/2014 at 11:51 AM, wissewer said:
I downloaded your free software and I have noticed that all my designs are now shown with an extension of  ngs.documents instead of .pes.  How do I correct it? 
I deleted the software, but my files still show the extension.

Don't erase anything. It's very normal.  All files will look like. NGS if the format is recognized (PES, DST, JEF, art...... etc)

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