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I am so new to this and I had no classes because I purchased embroidery machine out of state. I have tried everywhere that I can think of to get someone to tell me what I am doing wrong. I am just going at this blindly and trying to learn what I can online.  I have several issues but the main is  this: I google; I surf; I find embroidery design I want; I pay for it and download it in the correct format (vp3). ( Following directions on website.) I close the internet and find the design; sometimes in downloads, recent places or documents. If zipped, I unzip it or extract files from folder (I know you cannot put a folder on the usb stick.) Copy & paste or drop & drag or "send to" the removable drive showing usb. All is well....SO FAR.  Insert USB in machine (Husqvarna Viking TOPAZ 25) and nothing! It does not show up! I have only been able to get a few designs on the stick and I don't really know how I did that. You cannot believe how frustrated I am. Today I want to embroider something for a gift and it's not happening.

I really need a mentor who can help me along the way learning this.

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