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Superman logo embroidery design

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It has been a while since I placed an order on your product.

I just want to make sure I know what I ordered. 
How do I track this Superman logo embroidery design if it's on the way over? I feel kind of goofy if I'm not doing what you expected me to do. Since I've been looking at questions and answers of this site. Maybe I misunderstood that this is only for a download for embroidery machines to create the embroidery design?
If one could download a design into the embroidery machine for it to create an embroidery, then I had no idea that could work.
I just want to be sure you know I ordered it only to receive the product in hand without having to use an embroidery machine to make one. I don't own an embroidery machine, nor do I know anything about what this site is trying to sell. 
If I do receive Superman embroidery in hand, then how do I track that order number to know where it's being shipped. 
Well, let me know soon, so I would know what I'm doing with this.

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