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Please Igor could you help me if is not too much to ask?
The Frosty badge does not say how to make the badge, neither no colors. Please do you have in another section how to make it if is not too much to ask?
I will go back to your website, maybe the colors are there, but didn't see how to make the badge.
I also went to my account since my PC broke, now I'm using the laptop, don't like at all, I'm so used to the mouse.
Remember I have purchased from you many lovely of your talented work, & when you could help me if you could merge them to your new website your help would be greatly appreciated from the bottom of my heart!
tried to do Skype, I guess I was not recognize, go figure.
Thanks so very much for your work & your sharing,-:

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I can't contact you, please I need help, in my order history appears like I'm a new customer, but I have purchased from you from Needlework Russia & cartoon embroideries, please if is not too much to ask could you update my order history? I really appreciate it.
Would like to place an order.  Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart!
I was searching how to do your designs on my 2 granddaughters on towels, but couldn't find how, please could you advise? I saw many of them done in towels, check techniques, couldn't find it either. Thanks again!

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Hello. I recently purchased Frozen sisters embroidery design from you. I was stitching out the largest one (105 minutes) and when I got to the outline stitch in black towards the end, it is not stitching in the correct outline for elsa. I am quite disturbed as I've stitched for over an hour already to find out that the final stitches do not outline correctly. Everything to this point stitched out beautifully. Have you actually stitched this out yourself? Can you please tell me what to do or revise this to be corrected. Thank you.

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