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Problem with Brother pes embroidery format

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Very strange, Properties for this  design: 119 ? 160 mm 4.69 ? 6.3" Stitches:55092.  Some Brother embroidery machine have limitation to 64000 stitches.

Any ways:

1. Format your flash card (delete all data) and write file.

2. Using another embroidery formats (DST, HUS, JEF, VIP, VP4). Open Layout and Editing and File-Import and open another format.


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Card is empty yes. actually when select other files in the menu and browsing.. writing to a card it has a red cross across the picture when selecting 130 x 180 mm if you can i will greatly appreciate it i can also send you the one i have and you can check i have just checked properties of file it has 65092 stiches and bcoz machine can only do  64000 it's probably why it doesn't work

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I have 2 downloads that I have purchased that will not open with my software, and they are Bear Happy Face applique embroidery design purchased on the 1st November 2013 (cannot read this file version) although showing as a PES file and Teddy Bear Girl embroidery design purchased on 30th January 2013 (showing as Unexpected file format) also a Pes file. All other Tatty Teddy designs I have purchased I have had no problem opening. Please could you look into this for me.

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Hi,I ordered a few files and the majority of them were fine, downloaded and saved but the Hello Kitty Pink embroidery design (Kitty 81, a, b, c) and the Hello Kitty Baby Bib embroidery design (79,a,b,c) would not download, it said it was an unexpected file format. Not sure what is wrong as the rest of my order downloaded with no problems.

Any ideas please would be greatly appreciated and I know it's the holiday season and I am in no hurry for them.

Thank you!

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I also have purchased the hello kitty design and am having the same problem when trying to open it says unexpected file format. I have attached the file I am having the problem with. Please can you resend to me again another version Brother embroidery format?
Thank you regards


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I just ordered the embroidery file of Anna. Unfortunately, I get the message that there are too many stitches to save on the embroidery machine/card. I can't do anything with that file. I tried the smallest one (96 x 100) anna5.pes. I have a brother innovis 700 II. What can I do to, or get my money back, or have a file with less stitches?
thank you,

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