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My order # is 2409
I ordered the Ohio State emblem.  I have PE Next embroidery software on my computer that opens PES files, but when I try to open the design I purchased from you in PES format, I get a message that the file is in an unexpected format.  Thank you for your help in this matter.

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 i didn\'t see where to put design info ...it\'s Brother PES and #1 (for a 4x4 hoop)

Check  product  info you can in design page. You can see size, colors, stitches and any information about embroidery design.

Format you can choose in download order page. This is don't necessary before buy product. Every time you can choose another format(s).
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  • diver361 changed the title to Ohio State Alternate https://forum.embroideres.com/forums/topic/31-ohio-state-alternate-logo/Logo
  • diver361 changed the title to Ohio State Alternate Logo embroidery design
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