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When you press (Shift + T) and the sequence fails to come up means that the co-ordinates of the last know location is off the edge of the screen. Following the steps below will recover the sequence view<

  1. Close Tajima DGML by Pulse 12
  2. Goto the start menu .
  3. Goto Tajima folder.
  4. oto DGML by Pulse 12 folder..(Program Files/Tajima)
  5. Goto Application data folder..
  6. Goto the 12 folder..
  7. Inside this folder you will see a file called pmlstate.ini ,
  8. it will appear to have a gear icon on it
  9. Right click on this file and open it with Notepad
  10. Scroll near the bottom of this document and you should see something like the following;[sequence View  Show Details On=0 Show Layer Icons On=0





Change the co-ordinates to match above highlighted in red

  1. Close this file and save it
  2. Reopen your software and your sequence view should work.
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The file name that Frank mentions in is post about version 12 should be the same but the file location may be different.  If you are using Windows XP Try this, go to My-Computer, then click on the C:\ drive.  You should see a number of folders.  Select Tools-Folder Options from the menu.  Next Select the View tab. You should see a number of different options.  Make sure the option "Show Hidden Files and Folders" is selected and click OK.

Next you are going to search for the file PMLCFG.INI To do this click Start-Search in Windows.  Select the option to Search for Files and Folders from the choices on the left hand side of the screen.

You should see a place to enter a file name, Type PMLCFG.INi and click the search button.

Windows will search for this file on your hard drive.  When it finds it, the results will be displayed on the right hand side of the window.

Delete this file by right clicking on the file and selecting "Delete"

The PMLCFG.INI file controls all of the placement of the tool bars and windows in Tajima DG/ML.  If you delete the file, and restart DG/ML, all of the toolbars will show in the upper left hand corner of the screen.  You can move them by clicking and dragging the toolbars..  After this, you should see the sequence view again.

I can have someone in support walk you through this if you need help.  Let me know how you make out with this.


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