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Hello.  I am doing a very simple ( I hope) design that should have straight sides, a ruler.  One side (the side with the increment lines) is a little shaky and I want to just move the stitches to be in alignment.  In stitch mode, I grab a stitch and move it to where I want it.  It does not stay there.  It jumps back to where it was.  Am I missing a step?  Or is there a simple alignment tool that I can use to grab all the stitches and line them up?  I have the Sierra Era digitizing software.

Thank you kindly,

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One thing about editing stitches is that if you do something to the outlines like change a setting or resize, your stitch changes will be lost. This is why you need to do stitch changes last. If you can fix something in outlines, it is better because you will not have to worry about the stitches if you resize or change a setting.

If you would like to move a number of stitches at once, you can click and drag a box in stitch edit mode to select the stitches or use the lasso stitch select tool. Once you have selected a group of stitches you can right click on a stitch and select Move Group.
Let me know if that helps.

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I suspect your stitches are too long. Try grabbing the outline and moving it to where you want. Then use a shorter stitch. I find this happens when you want to do a corner and the stitch file will cut the corner or on a curve. Most of the time when I shorten the stitch it will do the trick. But when it doesn't I have to do 2 runs butted against the other on the corner. Your software is eliminating the stitch so you don't have two holes too close together.

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Perhaps I am digitizing this all wrong. On the run across the top of the ruler, I am just dipping down a couple stitches to make the ruler increment lines then back up and then moving over to the next increment line. Are yousaying that the software has eliminated one of these stitches because it is on top of the other?

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I think I understand what is happening. When you try to move a stitch point in stitch mode it doesn't recognize it as a move if you barely move it. Try moving the stitch further away. Then come back and move it where you want it. So it actually takes 2 moves to complete. Hope that helps.

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