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hi all.....i am very new to embroidering and have my first job with fleece.....is there any primer on how to handle embroidering on it?.......it will be fleece sweatshirts...like the thin underarm our and champion ones....they are like a thin micro-fiber fleece.......any tips about backing or any topping i need or anything?......i really appreciate any advice....these r very expensive and i don't wanna mess up too many.

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If you can find a piece of scrap material similar to what you have to embroider on try experimenting on that. Try your local fabric store maybe for a remnant or a thrift shop for fabric to play with. It is worth a few test runs to get good results before running an actual garment. Make sure you have new needles in for best result, probably I would use a 70 sharp. I also would use 2 layers of a cutaway backing and possibly solvy on top depending on how fine the lettering or design is. Hope this helps

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