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PES file not showing for PE Design 8 user

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Hello all,

  I have a customer that cannot open my Wilcom Hatch created PES file in their PE Designer 8.  I've tried Wilcoms online resizer and it worked twice for me and then I get an exception error.  The downloadable verison of truesizer does not work nor does my converting it in PE Designer 10.  Can anyone help me figure out how I can either create the file for her or she could fix the file herself please???

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What format do you have? To use the Wilcom software and get a high-quality result, you need the original EMB format.
If a digitizer has created a design and sent you a PES format, you will not be able to resize and maintain quality. The maximum can be changed within 10-20%.
True sizer works with many formats. but these are ready-made embroidery files, not files for editing.

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The PES format has many versions (over 11). Older PE design not understand new. It is best to export to DST format. It is universal, it is understood by all embroidery machines and all programs.
Have you checked your file? Have you tried to open it in any other embroidery editing program?

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