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Satin stiched lettering over a complex fill stitch

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hi there,

is there a standard density satin stitched lettering should have when going over the top of a complex fill stitch?

when i do say 5-6mm lettering on top of a complex fill, i usually have the density at -.5 to -.6, with the pull comp at approx .12 to .15 - it normally comes out looking great, except where the stain stitch letters have the same angle as the complex fill, causing  the lettering to fall away and get lost in the complex fill.making these letters look thinner than the rest.

and should there be an underlay on small text when going onto of a complex fill stitch??

i normally use a single line underlay stitch at approx length of 1. to 1.5.

can anyone out there help, this is lettering our digitizing and quality down :(

your help would be greatly appreciated :)


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I do a crosshatched fill under lettering so there are no splits in the fill due to letters. I create a fill in whatever shape I need then duplicate it, set both fills at half density and have my angle lines looking line an X ??? this will crosshatch it. I do not use underlay and I do set the travel stitch to walk around the edge if as I have the capability in the software.

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Whenever the two stitch directions end up in the same direction they will bleed together. We use that to create blended effects in a fill. The problem it sounds like you are having is that when the satin stitch of your letters is in the same direction as the fill they are blending together or falling into each other. The way to keep the letters above the fill is to add some underlay, that in effect creates a bridge for the letter to sit up on since the underlay of the letter is in the opposite to the fill and the satin of the letter. A zig zag or run will do it and you are already shortening your
run for the small letters which helps keep it under the satin of the letter.

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