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I just bought your Wyldstyle and Superman embroidery b already bought Lego Spiderman Please can you consider do Emmet as I would like this one to go with Wyldstyle and if you have time Batman how do you see all your latest embroidery designs when they have gone from the bottom of the main page
Kind regards

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Dear all! I want to buy Lego ninjago embroidery design, but I am not sure if the format I need is running. I have a Bernina Machine which needs .exp file. As I can see in description, for Bernina is .art mentioned as used file. Pls let me know if .exp file for other Machine (MELCO) is running on Bernina Machine. Many thks in advance and kind regards

 Bernina used two embroidery formats; ART and EXP. Both embroidery formats available for download.

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My order number: #15382 dated 2014-09-05 04:10:07. Is the Arizona Cardinal  logo embroidery available in a 2 1/2" size?

And I still am having problems with downloading the Lego Spiderman embroidery designs.

I have a Brother  PR600 - 2    Embroidery machine.


Please explain what problem you have with Lego Spiderman embroidery designs? Arizona Cardinals embroidery in this size may be very small. Some details may be left. We can make this for you as experiment.
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